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Joe Noto Family Law Symposium

Posted by jnotoesq on January 29, 2012

Joe Noto attended an all day family law symposium on Saturday which was fantastic!  One of the sessions covered the social medias: Facebook, tweeter, text messages, emails, etc. and how they effect family law.   “Regretfully, NJ family law has not caught up with the technology of smart phones” and the abuses that may arise by a spouse wishing to use a smart phone to his/her advantage.  “Please be careful!!!” I learned that a person can easily hack into another person”s smart phone and send false emails, etc and he/she can even follow a spouse on his/her GPS and track where s/he is and whether or not s/he is even speeding in his/her car. The case in point was: a husband wanted to prove that the mother was speeding many times in the car with his child in it and that therefore she is unfit and he should get custody of the child. Wow.


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